Fix Twitch’s Proprietary Links with Camomile

Twitch has been giving away free games with Twitch Prime for a while now.  But being a streaming service, they didn’t really have a distribution platform in place, at least anything in the same league as Steam or EA Origin, to distribute their games to the eligible masses.  Enter Twitch Desktop, a clunky app that tries to be everything Twitch is along with everything Discord and Steam are, and failing at most of what it tries to do.

When a Twitch Prime member downloads their games through Twitch Desktop, they are written to a special Twitch Games folder and links are added to the desktop and Start menu (on Windows at least) that launch the games.  Unfortunately, they aren’t just ordinary links: these are Twitch Fuel links that open Twitch Desktop, hunt for the game after it loads (which can be hit-or-miss), and THEN tries to load the game.  Fortunately, with a little deobfuscation, guesswork, and magic, we can unmask these links and get things slightly back to normal.

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