About Everything

I figured I’d tackle the two biggest questions that everyone comes to an about page for, the person and the site, separately.

About Me

I’m a creator. Usually I write code, but I’ve been known to edit videos, convert media, design layouts and image assets, and help people with their computer problems. Currently I hold an uninteresting job that earns me enough money to pay for college (most semesters) while I take several courses in all manner of computery things, from networking to software engineering to web development to security.

About This Site

On about every computer I’ve owned, I usually end up with a folder on my desktop named “misc” or something similar. My workflow, when left to my own devices, has me saving whatever I’m working on at the moment to my desktop for easy access. When I move on to another project, whatever the last project was gets shuffled into that misc folder. MiscFolder is essentially the Internet version of this. I don’t have to be afraid of putting junk on here; everything is a work in progress, and I’m okay with showing it off with the understanding that it’s not perfect.