Disable Sign-In Button in Office 2013 and 2016

Office has a sign-in button in the top corner of every program by default to give you the (supposed) benefit of linking everything you do to Microsoft’s cloud.  There’s a way to disable this “feature” by changing a simple registry key.  I understand that this information isn’t new; there are articles out there on how to do this.  But without fail I need to look it up every time I reinstall Office, so this is here for my own sanity.

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Disable HP Client Security’s Password Manager

I already use a password manager, and I don’t want to use HP’s.  Yet because I installed HP Client Security, I’m bombarded with notifications to install an addon that isn’t properly supported just because I want to use disk encryption and a fingerprint reader.  There’s no good solutions out there (HP forum says “uninstall our software”), so I poked around with Process Monitor and “fixed” it myself.
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