StableHost Ad on the Sidebar

So I’ve added a little HTML advert on the sidebar promoting StableHost, my personal host of choice.  I found myself recommending them to a friend the other day and decided it might be a good idea to join their affiliate program.  I have never had any service issues with them, and I’ve been a happy customer for two years now.

I haven’t run ads on this site before.  Most people use an ad blocker these days (myself included) and I understand not wanting to be bombarded with promotions, especially when they come from ad networks that take a giant cut from whatever margins the site owners are making pennies from anyway.  It’s not a good business model unless you have a ton of traffic, at which point you’re typically better served by affiliate posts and sponsorships.

This ad is an HTML snippet that consists of a two-frame GIF and a link.  No JavaScript, no ad network.  It just points to an affiliate link that gives me a little kickback.

As for StableHost themselves, I’m going to be honest: their prices are reasonable for the service you get, but they run insane sales!  And I don’t mean “free domain for the first year” (although they do that too).  I see 70% off hosting for life come up probably four times a year.  They’re running one now actually for their new Singapore datacenter: if you use the promo code singapore at checkout and choose the Singapore datacenter it’ll slash the price.  It’s valid through December 20 of this year.  If you’re too late for this one, search around web hosting forums for people posting deals.

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